Saturday, February 06, 2010

As I sit at my computer, searching for a blackberry as my next phone, looking at different mp3 players, searching ebay at new tanos, and drinking coffee from my starbucks coffee mug that I had to have. I have come to this question: Why not love what I have?

Do I need a blackberry? Maybe, I will change my mind in a year and a half...the unresiding answer is "No." Do I need an itouch to play music and have cool apps? No, I don't listen to music that much, nor do I play games on my current cool had to have phone, which I love. Do I really need a new purse in red, brown, or cream? I only carry one purse at a, no I don't need a new purse. Did the boots that I missed on sale a month ago, make me any less cool? No. Do I love my coffe mug? Yes. Am I using Netflix...again that I had to have? Yep, good investment.

Somewhere down the line, growing up, as we all do, even our kids...we come across the basic human nature feeling of "I gotta have more." BKS has to have the better airsoft gun, until he gets and finds a new one. Remembering things that happened with both step-children, seeing kids all around either that I know personally, or professionally...everyone wants more. But why?

Why not love what we have? First, it saves a lot of money, and secondly...the instant gratificaiton wears off shortly in turn to only want more. Today, and it could change, and probably will, I am in need of nothing. What a nice place to be. Needing nothing materially.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

So, I love to begin sentences with so...that is beside the point.
I hate unpacking. I hate unpacking. I sure do feel better though when I can walk thru a room. I need to keep that in mind.

Bishop will be grown and married, before I get to see him again. Okay, really not that long, but it feels like it. He is ready to come home and play with kids his own age. I am ready for him to come home so I can fix him vanilla milkshakes. I think that this has been a difficult transition for him. He has gone from getting all the attention at his dads to smelling poopy diapers, and playing with a 3 year old. Instead of going to see "Transformers," they took him to see "Up." Really? Poor kid...He is going to get all my adult kid attention...we are going to take him to see movies, rent movies that he wants to watch, eat what he wants to eat, and play with other 12 year olds. BTW, I was looking at a pic, and he looks like his dad, that is scary. He will come home and have mannerisms like his dad, just as long as he doesn't bring home the sarcasim he will live to be married...

One cute story about my fabulous rule follower-walks the straight and narrow son...his friend is moving to TN. He called him and talked to him about it. I asked what he told his friend. He replied "When you get there, find out all the rules, so you don't break them." lol...I would have said "I hate moving, I hate making new friends, everyone is nervous about this process, in the'll be okay, you'll make new friends...I did, etc." But, to say...make sure you find out all the rules is something I wouldn't have thought of. My precious son, I hope that he doesn't fall off the end when he gets older.

Adult achne...what is the point? I hate it when I get up...and it is looking at if it is saying "MUHAHAHA, you just thought my previous siblings were bad when you were a teen!" So, really, I don't recall having bad skin in my teens for the most part. Why now? Why not ever? I have been using Dr. Wexler's products, and it is getting much better. However with this mountain of stress occasionally, I have a mountain on my face. Not fair. Well, I am determined to empy the big box right next to me...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Had keys made for the house we are moving into...Mine are pink with sparkles...Big C said "How much more were these? If you were a dinosaur, you would be a SPENDALOTOMUS!" HAHAHAHAHA

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

These are pics that I have taken this summer.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random things...that I have been thinking about since I have some free time. Gosh, I love summer!
I miss my son, he has been gone like 20 years. Okay, not 20 years, just 4 weeks to visit his dad for the summer.

I was reading the contents of my conditioner. You know, what you use after shampooing. Why would they put alcohol in it? I am trying to condition my hair, not dry it out even more?

I should have bought stock in Bath and Body Works, as I have a lot of stock under my sink. I mean come on...I am saving money when I am buying home fragrances on sale really cheap.

You would think I were pregnant as I have been craving buffalo wings like crazy. So, I look like I am pregnant as I have been eating them like crazy.

I just got off an airplane this weekend, and I feel sorry for the single mom whose baby cries the whole ride 'cause people like me hate crying babies. And, you know she is thinking "people like her hate it when he cries like crazy."

I love summer. I get down time. I don't have to worry about work. No, I don't mind the 10k less a year moving to this 40 year behind the times place, as I can sleep late, go to the beach, and do nothing besides laundry, cleaning the house, keeping all vehicles with gas, grocery shop, put up the laundry, wash the dogs, walk the dogs, make the beds, cook dinner all the time. Wait! This is work...I just have more time to do it seeing that I am not somewhere else 40+ hours a week.

Life is full filling when you find what makes it full filling. And, what you think you want isn't always what you need, which is what you wanted all along. I know you have heard that before now. But, when you get there, it is yours. :)

How many pair of sunglasses can my fh go through in one year? hmmm...let's count. I don't have that many fingers, so I can't tell you. That's not the truth. He has bought like 3 pair this year, and sits on them every single time. lol...we are only 7 months into the year. So, I bet we have at least 2 more to go.

How many shows can I watch 4 seasons to catch up on during the summer? Over the past few summers, during my time of not doing countless chores, I have watched Ugly Betty, the Office, Weeds, Supernatural, Ghost Hunters, Sex in the City, etc. I need to find another one or two this summer. Got any suggestions? By the way, I love Dog Whisper. I watch it all the time, of course when I am not doing countless chores. lol...

You know, I think my fh loves to tell people that his wife is a teacher. It is a pride thing for him. I think it is really a selfish thing he has going on, as he knows that I will do all the chores while he is at kidding. :0 BTW, mom, Jason read this and laughed. He replied "That's about right."

Well, I get to work tomorrow for half a day! Yay! TTYL...

Friday, June 26, 2009

I was over at Life Unscriped a few days ago, and saw that Fabulous E had tagged me for this MEME. I absolutely love her blog, and am glad that she has included me.

What makes me happy is:

1. When my FH is taking a class that isn't too demanding and he has more time to entertain me. haha, you would think that I was 12 or something.
2. Summer break, I teach Middle Schoolers, need I say more?
3. Hot Wings...okay, so not the extra lbs, but it sure does taste good. BTW, I have been enjoying the same taste without the fried foods by supplementing grilled chicken and/or broiled shrimp. :)
4. When my dogs sleep through the night!!
5. Watching my son grow up, and learning to not be so uptight and an overbearing mom. (What? I just want him to be safe! FH keeps me in, it works both ways!)
6. The smell of fresh laundered sheets and blankets!
7. FitFlops! Love them! Won't go a day without wearing them.
8. Going to the Beach every chance I get. I miss everything about home, but going to the beach once a month is DEVINE.
9. Using Priceline to name my own price and get great deals on 3 star hotels! (Like getting the DoubleTree in Asheville for half the price on 4th of July weekend.)
10. Picking several tv shows that I don't watch durning the school year, and watching every single season during the summer! (Right now it is Weeds, I might try One Tree Hill, next. Last summer was The Office, Ugly Betty, and Supernatural)
11. Knowing that there is a reason for everything, and trusting God that I am here for a reason.
12. Farm Town...for all you Facebook enthusiasts...this is a fabulous application. I can now farm without getting dirt under my nails!

What are your things that make you happy?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I can't believe that I am a slacker! Okay, so I can.
We have been too busy. We have finished the year here in NC. It is okay. I miss family and friends...and, knowing where everything is.
We went home for a week, and had a blast. I joked with Big C that I wasn't coming back with him. It is going to be wierd not to have kids around at all this summer...or a blessing in disguse. :)
Well, I am going to work on eating right, and loosing the 15 lbs that I have gained since I have been here. It was so easy to eat potatoes that were fried everyday that I had a bad day.
Let's see, BKS is with his dad for the rest of the summer. He is a hoot. He has a crush on a girl here in NC. And, he loves to see her...I don't know if I am ready for that. Yikes, he is growing up...and his body is turning into a teen. I am scared of that. I have talked to him about not being as scared of my teacher look...that I really don't get mad...ever, he agreed. What brought this on is his Mother's day poem said "She brought me into this world, she could surely take me out." Really? Not, she is sweet, and cooks me dinner, and is kind loving, and gives me hugs? hmmm...ponder that.