Saturday, February 06, 2010

As I sit at my computer, searching for a blackberry as my next phone, looking at different mp3 players, searching ebay at new tanos, and drinking coffee from my starbucks coffee mug that I had to have. I have come to this question: Why not love what I have?

Do I need a blackberry? Maybe, I will change my mind in a year and a half...the unresiding answer is "No." Do I need an itouch to play music and have cool apps? No, I don't listen to music that much, nor do I play games on my current cool had to have phone, which I love. Do I really need a new purse in red, brown, or cream? I only carry one purse at a, no I don't need a new purse. Did the boots that I missed on sale a month ago, make me any less cool? No. Do I love my coffe mug? Yes. Am I using Netflix...again that I had to have? Yep, good investment.

Somewhere down the line, growing up, as we all do, even our kids...we come across the basic human nature feeling of "I gotta have more." BKS has to have the better airsoft gun, until he gets and finds a new one. Remembering things that happened with both step-children, seeing kids all around either that I know personally, or professionally...everyone wants more. But why?

Why not love what we have? First, it saves a lot of money, and secondly...the instant gratificaiton wears off shortly in turn to only want more. Today, and it could change, and probably will, I am in need of nothing. What a nice place to be. Needing nothing materially.

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