Thursday, August 13, 2009

So, I love to begin sentences with so...that is beside the point.
I hate unpacking. I hate unpacking. I sure do feel better though when I can walk thru a room. I need to keep that in mind.

Bishop will be grown and married, before I get to see him again. Okay, really not that long, but it feels like it. He is ready to come home and play with kids his own age. I am ready for him to come home so I can fix him vanilla milkshakes. I think that this has been a difficult transition for him. He has gone from getting all the attention at his dads to smelling poopy diapers, and playing with a 3 year old. Instead of going to see "Transformers," they took him to see "Up." Really? Poor kid...He is going to get all my adult kid attention...we are going to take him to see movies, rent movies that he wants to watch, eat what he wants to eat, and play with other 12 year olds. BTW, I was looking at a pic, and he looks like his dad, that is scary. He will come home and have mannerisms like his dad, just as long as he doesn't bring home the sarcasim he will live to be married...

One cute story about my fabulous rule follower-walks the straight and narrow son...his friend is moving to TN. He called him and talked to him about it. I asked what he told his friend. He replied "When you get there, find out all the rules, so you don't break them." lol...I would have said "I hate moving, I hate making new friends, everyone is nervous about this process, in the'll be okay, you'll make new friends...I did, etc." But, to say...make sure you find out all the rules is something I wouldn't have thought of. My precious son, I hope that he doesn't fall off the end when he gets older.

Adult achne...what is the point? I hate it when I get up...and it is looking at if it is saying "MUHAHAHA, you just thought my previous siblings were bad when you were a teen!" So, really, I don't recall having bad skin in my teens for the most part. Why now? Why not ever? I have been using Dr. Wexler's products, and it is getting much better. However with this mountain of stress occasionally, I have a mountain on my face. Not fair. Well, I am determined to empy the big box right next to me...

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