Friday, June 26, 2009

I was over at Life Unscriped a few days ago, and saw that Fabulous E had tagged me for this MEME. I absolutely love her blog, and am glad that she has included me.

What makes me happy is:

1. When my FH is taking a class that isn't too demanding and he has more time to entertain me. haha, you would think that I was 12 or something.
2. Summer break, I teach Middle Schoolers, need I say more?
3. Hot Wings...okay, so not the extra lbs, but it sure does taste good. BTW, I have been enjoying the same taste without the fried foods by supplementing grilled chicken and/or broiled shrimp. :)
4. When my dogs sleep through the night!!
5. Watching my son grow up, and learning to not be so uptight and an overbearing mom. (What? I just want him to be safe! FH keeps me in, it works both ways!)
6. The smell of fresh laundered sheets and blankets!
7. FitFlops! Love them! Won't go a day without wearing them.
8. Going to the Beach every chance I get. I miss everything about home, but going to the beach once a month is DEVINE.
9. Using Priceline to name my own price and get great deals on 3 star hotels! (Like getting the DoubleTree in Asheville for half the price on 4th of July weekend.)
10. Picking several tv shows that I don't watch durning the school year, and watching every single season during the summer! (Right now it is Weeds, I might try One Tree Hill, next. Last summer was The Office, Ugly Betty, and Supernatural)
11. Knowing that there is a reason for everything, and trusting God that I am here for a reason.
12. Farm Town...for all you Facebook enthusiasts...this is a fabulous application. I can now farm without getting dirt under my nails!

What are your things that make you happy?

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