Friday, February 06, 2009

So, during the school year, I am a HORRIBLE blogger, if you haven't noticed!

I get so wrapped up with the Monday thru Friday gig, then do not as much on the weekends.

Josh and Shelbie moved out. It is nice to have piece and quiet after 4 years of living with teens, and then with their spouses. :) No really, did I say really nice? I meant to say a non-gray hair saver. Yep, I am hoping that the 4 my hair stylist colored will no longer be...

My FH, Big C said "on your Birthday, you will be 38." "38? Really?" I replied. "Yep,..." he said with assurance. "Nope, I will be prime this year, try 37" (Okay for you non math geeks, 37 is a prime number...this year, I am composite, meaning more than one and 36 will divide into 36.) He is such a silly man sometimes. I love him anyway.

Bishop turned 12 this year, it is hard to believe how fast this life span has gone, infact in another 10 years, hopefully he will be financially stable, and Jason and I will get to travel the world. (For all you English buffs, how did you like that run on sentence?)

Well, I am training for a 5k in April, and I have lost about 9 lbs. I could loose 15 more, and would settle for 10 more at my old age. It really isn't cool that after 35 my body runs a bit slower than it did even when I was say...33. That is the price of growing old GRACEFULLY. :)

Here are a couple of pics of me and my buddies at dinner and at lunch:

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