Saturday, February 21, 2009

The season of life is about to change, and I am growing sad about leaving what I know behind. Don't get me wrong, I am glad to join my husband sooner...but, I have lived here for 7 years now.
I have great friends and comrades. There are work people...that I email from their email when they leave their computer logged on. Like, a science teacher the other day, I invited everyone to church with I beep people in the middle of class to tell them how important they are. I, too, have left my computer on, and got emails about coach purses and uggs for sale. lol...that one was funny. I have tried scaring my friend, Kim, up in the Little Theatre by slamming a door. She has scared me by coming out of her closet with a Halloween guy. I love my job, I love the people with whom I work. I have listened to friends about divorces, marriages, kids, parties, diets, exercising. They have listened to me about relationships, my marriage, my son, my step-kids, babies, dogs, cats, allergies, families, purses, shoes, running, stress fractures, trips. It has been a good 7 years of good friends in the making, and hopefully not just a season.
I have friends outside of work that we call and vent with each other. We go out to eat, well, not lately with this economy. We have dinners at my house, it is all about to change though. Will it be winter, dry, and not as colorful?
Transition is hard, all the things that I have just written about, I get to do it again. However, with new friends...and not alone, but with my husband and God by my side. It is bitter-sweet, this will blossom into spring, and summer as the years go by, and I will have the same things about which to write...later.
I am going to miss it here.

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