Monday, December 22, 2008

Here are various pics of the last month. I am so glad that FH is home for a couple of weeks.
We celebrated Christmas yesterday. I think everyone had fun. BTW, mom, Bishop loves his model airplanes. I have been terribly honory with Bishop. I kept on telling him that he is getting various stuff that he didn't put on his list. I think that by the end, he figured out I was pulling his leg.

For his birthday, we are going to look into sending him up into a plane. His dream is to go to the Air Force Academy. :) He has big goals, and I love that. Keep nurturing goals that are attainable and high.

The grand kids are cute. Tony is getting more tolerable seeing that he is almost 6 months old. His head isn't as bobbly, nor is he crying all the time. Hope sure is a good mom. I knew she would be. Jason is going to miss the grand kids the most. Matthew is Josh's kid, he is one...and drools everywhere. He is cute as well. I guess when you are a grandparent, you just love grand kids cause they go home. :) I personally look at it, as they are my natural Alli...and we have the same enemy...our kids. lol...Okay, really, I hold them for a bit, and buy them the nosiest toys, and clothes. I am not that EVIL. LOL...or maybe you should ask Hope and Josh that. lol...they might have a different opinion.

Shelbie and I have talked over the past week or so, how step-kids and dad's are a growing challenge. I shared with her that in the beginning that I tried to fight every battle...and I was miserable. I now choose my battles wisely...and I am happier. I shared with her that it was his kid, and he would do his best to take care of him, and that the kids mom, we have no control over her. This has been a growing experience for me, I have been getting to share with her things that I have learned the hard way with FH. :)

Last night, we went to dinner with friends. Jason is going to miss everyone. I will later before I move.
Tonight, we are off to dinner with friends again. :)

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EE said...

Great photos!
Sending Bishop in a plane for his birthday... great gift idea!!
Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!