Thursday, November 27, 2008

Since the last post, I have gotten my house on the market. What a chore! I packed 30 boxes of stuff that I want to keep, to get rid of the clutter.
3 of which were Bath and Body Works stuff. My I have a lot of home fragrances stuff. Candles, wallflower refills, soaps...I found a BBW in Asheboro, NC! Yeah for me, and my house.

I have gone to NC twice. The first time wasn't love at first sight by any means. Try stepping back in time like 20 years. Banks aren't open on Saturday! What? Yep, NWA has spoiled me in many ways. Sushi anyone? Try at least a 45 minute drive. I am accustomed to a Wal-Mart the size of ten whole blocks. Okay, maybe not that big. lol... Dillard's, not much of a shoe collection. It wasn't Like Butter. :(

What I did find was NICE people. Not boochie like around here. No one was fast paced, everyone was friendly. Beautiful area. I was scared of the schools for Bishop. Keep in mind, I am accustomed to schools that care about performance in the state. :0 One school I went to said "It is just a test. Who cares." Me. Then, I decided to go to the south city school. What I found there were smart boards in every classroom, extra curricular activites that I am accustomed to having + wrestling. (I know that Bishop won't be a wrestler...I think.) In high school, Bishop can join the Air Force ROTC. :) I am excited about that. He is dying to go to the Air Force Academy. He talks about it at least once a week. He loves everything about air planes, and I am glad to nurture that type of love. Hey, he has a goal which is much more than what I was concerned about in 6th grade! His 10th grade year he can apply for the Zoo School, which is science based. I told him all about it. He said "Gosh mom, your school really cares about me. What a waste of 4 years."

I found a hair dresser. Was kind of worried about that. Everyone that I had seen still had the bear claw bangs. I ran into a lady, and said I must have the number of your hair dresser. Got it, hope I don't loose it.

Gearing up for the holidays. Finishing shopping this weekend. Then I will be done with it.

I talk to my brother now more than ever. Yep, like once a week. Record for him. :)

I am going to miss my husband, as he is leaving for NC in January. It is all falling together well. I feel more comfortable about the move.

Oh yeah one more thing: I love Ugg boots. I got my first knit pair last year. Love them. My feet are warm and cozy. Then, I got a leopard print pair. Watch out baby, there is a new shoe in town that will override the ouchy heeled boots anytime. Jason and I laugh that I can now run as fast as a leopard. lol...My mom and brother are getting me a classic mini for X-Mas. And, then it will be all over. I will never go a day without cozy feet in the winter.

Okay really, this is the last thing. Went to Wal-Mart to get some gifts when I was really tired which means I will definitely tell you the truth when you ask... Stuff for grand kids which means stupid baby stuff. (Did I tell you that they drool all over everything? Seeing that I have germ issues, that is bad. They cry and you don't know why? Really annoying.) Anyway, the kid at the check out lane said
"Oh do you have a little one?"
"Oh no, I don't, I don't like babies. This is for grandchildren."
"Oh...Do you have any children?"
"Yep, my opc (only precious child) who is 11."
"Well, (tone changed to I am not quite sure if I should ask this) Do you like 11 year olds?"
"OH yes. They are so much fun at this age."
Sigh of relief..."That is good."


EE said...

I'm cracking up over the WM conversation. Love "OPC"... I'm going to steal it.
I'm glad that you found a school that you can live with.
The girls here in Mo wear their Uggs with shorts and short skirt. I'm waiting to see a picture of you in the same;)

EE said...

LOL! I have had the weirdest conversations with the check-out people at WM.
Happy packing. I hope the move goes well!!!