Monday, July 14, 2008

Detour signs don't come up all too often, but when they do, pay attention to them.
Last week, FH and I had a detour sign...that took us about an hour away to a city for the weekend.
We needed a weekend away. Away from laundry, dogs, kids, school, work, etc. So, away we went. We ate lunch at Pizza Inn...I love the way that place smells. The bread even smells good. It took me back to a time in JH...on Thursdays after the games, I would meet everyone there. It sure was good.
We went to a casino, and won big bucks for us...491! Well, we came home with 200 more than we began with...and they paid us to have some fun. The bands were good.
Oh yeah, we ate at a Japanese steak house, and it was so good. I have tried sushi before, and didn't like it. Oh, I love it now. It is so good...
We had a much needed trip that was centered around the two of us. :)

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