Saturday, July 05, 2008

This is our second annual 4th of July get together on the 3rd. I had three teacher friends/family, and a good friend of ours and his expecting wife. We had a jolly good time. We ate, and ate. Then we ate some more. Good food. Great company. Good times. Then about dark, we shot off fireworks. It was fun! I think that I will do this every year.

Last night, we went to the rodeo. It was great fun. It is amazing how God places people in my life to remind me of his wonder. We sat by an older man, I started visiting with him. He told me this was his anniversary. His 6th anniversary of when he died between surgerys...Wow! What a blessing. He said "There is only one word for that." I knew he ment "God." God is good.

BTW, my husband just walked through the kitchen while I am blogging...and said "Oh, you are making breakfast for me." Oops...I wonder who hasn't cooked breakfast in a few years?


EE said...

God IS good!!!
Happy 4th!!!

Megan said...

Cute pictures!