Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What do you have multiples of?
Well, at our household, we have:
dishwasher detergent...I started buying the eco friendly stuff.
bleach...what if you have whites that you need to bleach, and you run out?
comet...I have quite a few cans of this...you never know when you need to clean something.
mop heads...
shower cleaning stuff...if one doesn't work, get the other bottle or two.
toilet cleaner...want a clean basin, all the time.
dish soap...are you noticing it is all cleaning stuff?
carpet cleaner...I have one dog that is lazy, or stupid or both. The other one is fabulous about potty time.
kitchen counter cleaner...I have a full bottle and refills.
Sandwhich bags...
and gallon bags.
hmmm...I love a clean house.

I used to have multiple toothpastes, containers of tp, shampoo, soaps...
I have plently of wallflower refills to last about a year. And, a bunch of candles.

Why do I mention this? I don't know, I was thinking about it on my way back from WM with more bleach, mop heads, sponges, etc.
What do you have multiples of?

So, on my way back from WM, there were a couple of groups in a field with a bunch of cops. One was a veterans group with flags, etc. The other group were protesters. That makes me sad...they were holding signs about God doesn't bless veterans, Don't pray for the US...etc. They were kids. What kind of parents do these kids have? Really, influencing kids to the point that they are obviously atheist. Don't they know they have a choice? A choice of freedom, serenity, love, compassion, grace, mercy? Don't they need to have a choice to live a life that isn't condeming? God bless the kids, the parents...evidently, they seem to think that the cards delt in their lives were ones that were condeming them to a point where all they are are victims. And, not cards that led them to a life of freedom through JC. It is sad. I will put them on my prayer list.


Megan said...

Girl, i am the same way, i buy at least 2 of everything...especially cleaning supplies!

EE said...

My grandparents love Sam's and stock up on everything. My grandma has at least 12 cans of Aquanet at any given time:o