Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where is my summer going?
Bishop has come home, and we have been on the go ever since. We have played dominos, his favorite. We have been to chuckie-cheeses...swimming, shopping for his clothes, kid sitting. Just busy, busy.

I took Bishop swimming the other day with his cousin who is a girl. She talked him into playing house until she said that she was their mom...he said "That is gross, I don't want to come out of your stomach! Don't you know where babies come from? I want to be adopted."

Last night, I could have killed him...We were eating with Jeslyn, my husbands aunt. And, she was in the middle of eating a breadstick, he asked her if she were ready to go. How rude! I told him that that was very rude. I guess that is the nature of the beast with pre-teens.

I think it is time to go by and order that school sweatshirt, with Bishop's mom monogrammed on the back...BTW, I told him that I was going to wear it everyday for a week if he did something rude, talked back, etc. He said "no..." For those of you who don't know...Bishop will be at my school in two years. I can't believe that he is going into 6th grade next year.

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EE said...

LOL! Love the adopted comment!!!