Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Forgot to tell on myself!
So, every now and then...I say jalepeno...not the correct way...but Ja-LAP-eno. Not Hal-e-pee-no. Just to be silly...it is kinda funny...until this happens:

We are at Sonic last night. Jason wants a powerade slushy. I want a half cranberry half apple slushy. I saw jalepeano strips as a snack. I order my drinks and then say "I want a Ja-LAP-eno strips also." The kind girl said "Excuse me ma'am, what did you say?" "Yes please, I want Ja-LAP-eno strips also." Jason said "hal-e-pee-no, Natasha. She doesnt' understand Ja-LAP-eno." Oh, I can't believe that I said that. That is just as bad as "I seen it. I seen it." Jason shook his head...I turned bright red. Not becasue the hal-e-pee-no strips were hot...but, because I am not.

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EE said...

You are so darn cute!