Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A couple of things...
Going shopping today with Carolyn, my dad's wife. I am excited about doing that. I do need a pair or two of black pants.
Funny story that happened a while back...names will be different:
One day I came home and Sally was watching a TV show on the Discovery channel. Sally loves the Discovery Channel. The show was about gross stuff. Really...I would have been watching mindless TV or something like that. Sally was really into the fact that our colons can get really dirty. She used the bathroom like 7 times that day. I even thought it was abnormal for her. It was bad...I didn't even want to walk by the bathroom. Turns out that Sally was watching this show, and decided that it would be good to clense her own colon. She didn't read the directions...and ate a whole box minus 2 doses of chocolate laxitives. 10 does, she took. TEN. lol...no wonder why the events happened the way they did. lol...
What made me think of that is...I have decided to clense my body this week. I started taking a whole body clenser...plus fiber. I am hoping that this effort will help clear up my FACE...which I have had problems with for the past two years!

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