Monday, August 20, 2007

First day of school. I am tired. My feet are pounding! I can actually feel my heart beat, in my feet!
So, Bishop went to middle school. I am very sad about this. FH to Big B to school. FH showed Big B where his class was...Big B said "Okay, bye." :( It was like...I am grown, don't need you anymore. :(
Then after school, Big B opened up a savings acct. Big B told FH that he wanted to get to school by 7:25. And, that I won't do it. So, FH asked if he could take Big B to school. :( No one needs me, unless they need money. lol...

Important Mindless stuff:
Bret didn't get rid of Sam...he sent home Madgelina or should I say "Man-gelina." And, I think that next weekend, he is going to oust Lacey. Big B said that she looks like the devil. lol...she does look sly and devilish.
What about when he says "I said to myself "Self, ..."" Lol...oh, how mindless.

Well, I am going to go rest my pounding feet!

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