Friday, August 17, 2007

When something happens to someone you know, you sometimes process the joy or the pain in relationship to you. Well, that is what happened today.
Years ago, in a city far, far away...okay LR isn't that far away. There was a good friend of mine. I used up his friendship while on a binge...He and his room mate were two people I could trust in LR. Anyway, I found him on myspace, and have gotten back in contact with this person. So, I read his myspace today, and something bad has happened. Aparently, this summer he had gotten married...or this year, and she had two girls. She died yesterday. Can you imagine the pain? Can you imagine loosing your spouse? Can you imagine only having her/his two girls to raise? Can you imagine...This made me sad. Please pray for my friend, and her two girls. They need the prayers.

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