Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mindless TV...

Sunday nights! Love it! I don't know what has gotten into me.
I start the night with Hulk Hogan. Love him! He is funny! Funny! Funny! He is way too protective of his daughter...hmm...I think that all father's have that in commmon. lol...And, he doesnt' care about fashion. What "father" does? Really?

Then Scott Baio. I am proud of his strides into deciding to make a commentment, or not. He doesn't seem AS skanky as I once thought.

Then ROCK OF LOVE...OMG! I love this. Mindless. Drama. Girls living together to get a rock is a recipe for laughter. Wow! Some girls are ruthless...some are intense. How about Rodeo? We all thought that I could be don't even compare to Rodeo. Plus, she is a little deliusional. Hello???? Jess is a rockin girl, and I love the pink in her hair. Ever notice that her face is flawless? Oh...I forgot the red heads name. She is a not nice person. Drama...mindless drama. lol...I have even caught my husband watching the re-run during the week. hehehehehe


EE said...

Even though SB is making strides, he's still an ass.

I love Rock of Love, too. The red head IS a total nut job, but she makes things interesting. I like the girl who wore the pink and grey bikini...forgot her name.

imaeskimo said...

Brandi B?