Tuesday, August 21, 2007

2nd day of school...I am beat.

Bishop forgot his Math Book...and he is panicing.

Josh is mobilized. He will be leaving for training in less than a month. After training, he will be going to Iraq. He is planning on getting married before then. I am nervous about that. Only because both of them are young, and have been dating for like 3-5 months. And, when you are that age a lot can change in a year and a half. A lot. Both can grow up significantly...and she could get money that he earned, so to speak. I sure do love him.

His grandma on his mother's side called Jason today crying. Whatever. I don't tend to like her as much as I do Granny. I love Granny. This one doesn't really care about Hope...but, she will help Josh out with every last penny she has. And, then is mean to Hope and Miguel. Then talks about how it is Jason's fault that their mother died. Whatever. She is spiritually sick...just like most of us.

I am dying to get a Seatbelt purse! I think that is what I want for Christmas. Bishop is getting a Wii that he is helping pay for. (How can I do that? Well, they are expensive, and I can't afford to pay that much for Jason's kids and spouses.) Jason is getting...a bag of nuts. lol...Peeee-cans. lol...Really, I don't know what he is getting. Already bought him a pocket knife, cologne, pants, shoes...How about a boat? We have been dying to get a boat. Hope is getting a bag full of coal. lol...she wants a pair of nike's. We will see. Josh is getting a card that says we took x amount of dollars off what he owes us. That is a whole nother story.

Well, I shaved my dog tonight...and he looks cute.
That is it. I am tired. My dogs hurt. And, I get to stand all day tomorrow also.

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EE said...

Christams shopping already???? I'm impressed!