Wednesday, August 22, 2007

FH is in Michigan, or Minnesota. I don't know, it starts with an M. He will return tomorrow. He went on business...and not to a strip club to get a lap dance. Come on, I know that I am not the only one that thinks these things! lol...

Bishop and I have had "quiet time." He has been doing homework, and I have been surfing. :)

So, when teaching today, I taught order of operations backwards. Wow, I haven't seen that many deer in the headlights look in a while. I think that I will be going over that again. For example, I give you 35. You need to come up with: 2squared x (5 x (1+1))-5. Yeah, that is the reason they looked at me. I will be reteaching it again.

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EE said...

At the last company my husband worked for, there was a group of guys who went to those clubs every night whenever they had meetings out of town. They called my husband "the Phantom", because he always snuck back to his room before they went.
I imagine your man would do the same thing:)