Saturday, July 07, 2007

Special K...2 fajita rolls, and some chips.
Although, I don't think that you really care what I am eating everyday. Nor can you tell that I am watching what I eat. lol...

Bishop went shopping with me. We were headed to Wal-Mart to get him a new mp3 player...and, my car detoured to Dillard's. Where I proceeded to buy 4 pair of Gianni Bini's. All of which were 30% of 1/2 off. However, I have decided to keep only two MUST keep pair. Here is one MUST keep pair:

Regularly only 24. See...great price + great look on foot= MUST have. :)

Earlier today, we went out to the lake. Got plenty of sun. Bishop was putting sand all over his body stating "This feels good." I was thinking...only because you are exfoliating! Then my thoughts went to: 10 years old. This is what a 10 year old must do...trying to build the thickest layer of sand on body. Wow, in 2-3 years...he won't be caught dead doing this. Plus, he will be "too cool for his mom at school."
It is funny the thought processes that Bishop has had:
I will always live with you mom.
I will come visit you every day mom.
I am going to college, but I want to live in the place where all the students live.
Okay, when you get old, I will take care of you, but I will have to explain it to my wife.

We have talked about what it will be like when he gets to junior high...I am sure by then, he won't even want to talk to me in the hallway. Unless of course he needs M-O-N-E-Y. I will have to share with him "Okay, I will act like I don't know you, but you will have to act like you don't know me when you need money." lol...
I have also teased him saying that "I am going to walk him to class while holding his hand, and then kiss him before the bell rings." lol...He said "Mom, I have a reputation to keep! And, the reputation isn't a Mama's Boy!"

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EE said...

Those shoes are soooo cool. I'm goin' to Dillards tomorrow!!!!