Friday, July 06, 2007

I watched what I ate today...
2 pieces of pizza for breakfast/lunch, remember I love to sleep late.

1/2 a hamburger that we grilled.
1 tub of popcorn

and 2 big pieces of watermelon
Okay, not the kind of meal plan I had wanted to start with...for this 10 lb. loss.
2 pieces of pizza leftover from last night's Papa John's order.
By the way, haven't had PJ's since college. I remember ordering it with EE's sister. Wow, I was full of drama roomed with her. Sweet person, tolerant too. I was a bit of a night owl then as well. And, I pushed snooze a bunch. Huhh, M? Sorry. I don't push snooze anymore. I don't even set my alarm! hehehe, silly I am off during the summer!
So, we went to see the movie Transformers! Surprisingly, I loved it! It was action packed...and I didn't want to leave my seat. Even if you don't have kids, go see it. If I had my choice of which Autobot I were to be, I choose Bumblebee. He had all the great songs.

Okay, this dates me...

Don't you think they look kinda the same?'s more than meets the eye!


EE said...

Is that bottom picture Screech? Doesn't he do porn now??
He's a freak!!!
I was soo excited when we finally got PJs in MO. I can't eat a piece without drenching it in garlic butter:o

imaeskimo said...

Screech and Porno shouldn't mix. Ever!