Monday, July 09, 2007

Bored, and tired...
Today, I went to an inservice at EIGHT a.m. I know that isn't a big deal for most...remember, I am a night, 7 a.m. came really early. I have resisted taking a nap by watching soaps, playing Aloha TriPeaks, checking email, doing laundry, and giving dogs a bath.
Wed. are going to be even more boring when FH is gone most of the day. I think I need to find another book to read. Any suggestions?
I have been exercising! It is hotter than H.E.double hockey sticks...Yesterday, I thought that I was going to be sick after walking/jogging. 2 1/2 miles is a start. Now, if I can muster the gumption to do it 6 days a week...then, I might be able to fit into pants by the time that school starts. By the way, slim fast for breakfast was a good start. However, CHICKEN FRIED STEAK for lunch was not.

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EE said...

You sound like me...slimfast for breakfast and I lose it by lunch;)