Wednesday, July 11, 2007

FH gets to play golf this weekend! Woo-Hoo for him. I am glad that he gets out and does things with other is good for him.

Speaking of which, I get to hang out with my best bud from school, Big L...tomorrow. I am thrilled! Excited! She is a hoot, and I have 2000 lbs. of fun with her. We are going to eat, shop, and then I am going to see her new house. :) Woo-Hoo!

I talked with Auntie Val today. She is my best college bud (from when I went back to school). Everytime I talk with AV, Bishop asks if I really have a sister. :) Isn't that cute. I don't think that she wants to have kids. And, if it weren't for Bishop, who knows? I don't like babies, remember. They cry and you don't know why they are crying. Yikes! Praise Jesus that Bishop was a great baby!

You know, I was goes by really fast. Just in a blink of an eye I will be buying Christmas stuff. Then, it will be summer again. Fast...time goes by so fast. Remember when we were kids, and summer seemed like forever? And, the thought of staying in school until 12th grade was eons away? What happened to time being so slow? Hmmm....I must go clean the house. Bishop is gone, so I get to do chores. :)

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