Monday, May 28, 2007

Well, the crazy kids left. And, nothing is broken. One of the kids spit on Jason. Yep...I said spit. Nasty...if it had been Bishop I would have snatched him up and he would have never seen the light of day! And, the kids parents just got on to him. I would have torn some hide...(spanked...not with a belt or anything...)and grounded Bishop until he turned 21. Yep.

Bishop didn't like the kids coming over. He made a comment that he felt like he had to babysit. My son is getting older. Thank God. At one time, Bishop loved the chaos and confusion that surrounded the kids. One of the kids...looks like hmmmmm, uhhhhhh, have you ever looked shocked with your eyes wide open? He looks like that all the time.

I don't know, I grew up knowing how to behave in public...with other adults. Bishop does also. I guess the difference is that I have expected that of Bishop since day 1. And, he is a fabulous kid. I sure do love him. :)

I guess that is a good reason I love my dogs. I don't like a bunch of action surrounding little kids with not as much structure.. I love my junior highers. They are older...don't like to hug, but still want to please. :)

The parents are good friends. They are a sweet couple, very humble. In fact much more than Jason and I are. They came from the depths that I didn't reach. And, they are very, very greatful for everything!!!! They are a nice couple.

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