Saturday, June 02, 2007

I am done with testing. And, my stress level has decreased. I feel more at ease.
The tests were hard, and I am planning on taking a refresher Algebra course next spring.

Bishop has gotten on the plane...and I thought that I was going to cry all the way back out of the terminal. I was really sad, sad, sad. I was sad because he no longer wants to sit on my lap. He no longer wants to hold my hand. He doesn't want to kiss me in public. My baby is growing up.

It is Sunday now, and I just woke up. We are about to go help friends move. She is a good friend. She was with me, thick and thin when I was single. She, along with a lot of people, thought that I would never marry again.

When I get to work tomorrow I will scan pictures that I got from bio half sister. She and I resemble eachother. And, her son and Bishop favor eachother.

Well, I guess that I am going to go get ready to move...

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EE said...

Where did Bishop go?
Hope you had fun moving your friend;)