Monday, May 28, 2007

This is bio family. I sent her, the one in brown, a photo album, and she called to see if I gave it to her, or if it was mine. Apparently, she had already filled it up. :)

Let's see, I can't believe it has been 10 days since my last writing.

FH and I went to a wedding last night. It was fun. It was more fun that we had thought, because he knew one other person there. The best man was hysterical! He and the groom are like two peas in a pod. No wonder why they are best friends. Both are the gayest straight white boys I have ever met. I mean that in a sweet way. There are men who are manly that need to prove something. There are men who are whimpy and are push overs. There are men who want to still be the popular men...who are too cool for school. There are men that are strictly business. There are men who are drunks that smell like booze is coming out of theier pores. There are men like the groom and the best man who have fun being somewhat feminine. However, I know they are not because they didn't notice my shoes. lol...

I am done spending for a couple of weeks. Not gunna spend. Not gunna go shopping for anything.

Tonight a few friends are coming over. They have two very untamed childern that will catch some flack if they don't behave tonight. There is nothing more disgusting than untamed children, except...not going to go there today.

Well...can't figure out how to put my video on the computer. :( It was funny! Have a great day! Psstttt....only 6 more days with kids. The other two...will be easy. :)

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EE said...

I've missed your posts!
Thanks for sharing the pict of bio fam...they are soo cute!
I'll try to not spend with you...hubby is not happy with my spending lately!