Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This is my fabulous TANO bag! I love it.
And, I know that I am getting older, and more financially established when what I love costs more than 30 bucks.

I was visiting with my mama tonight. And, this topic has come up recently with fellow teachers. HIDING BELONGINGS.

Yes, mothers hide stuff. My mother hid candy bars from me, canned cokes, and probably more than that as well. Why? Because if she didn't I would consume it in a timely manner. Make that Lightening' Fast.
My colleagues hide socks, shoes, clothes, candy bars, etc. You get the picture. I hide my fabric softener, and two liters. Yes...two liters. If not, I would never have a cup of Diet Dr. Pepper, ever. Hello, because my kids would consume it FAST, faster than I could buy it. So, ask your mom what she hid. I bet is was something...like what we hide as moms. lol...

So, I am tired. I have tons to write...

This year has been a year for disoriented happenings that stem from...who knows?
Maybe, it is because we have a new fabulous principal? Maybe, it is because of my lack of organization? Maybe...it just is.
What justifies the disoriented outcomes? Well...here is what happens to me in just the last two weeks:
1) Jason called and asked me to mail some bills on my way to work. I forgot when I left. We accurred a 30 dollar late charge. That's nice.
2) One of my students papers was lost. The one who the parents went off about my son. That is really nice. So, I gave her an oral test. She scored much better. That is good.
3) We ate dinner with my fantastic father-in-law before one of Bishop's basketball games. It was Thursday at 6. We hauled really fast to the game after dinner. Get there...it was Thursday at 6...just two weeks later. Bishop was late for his practice.
4) well...4 is yet to come. I will keep you posted.

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