Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My husband makes me laugh. He makes me laugh when my left vein is pulsating, when I can begin to feel where it splits. You know...when I am stressed out, angry about something.
So, I am outside on the porch with him tonight. I am sharing with him my frustrations about my daughter telling my son that his comments weren't necessary, that she didn't need to hear from the peanut gallery.
And, he breaks out into cheer! He begins acting like a cheerleader kicking up a leg, making sharp movements with his hands. I can't help but to laugh. And, he is so good at cheering that he even makes up a funny chant about our family. No, nothing like the elephant stomping on the peanuts...just about how my family rocks. C-%-^-n-#=!-E-$! I am laughing now, and I can't feel my vein popping out of my skull like the previous minute. He makes me laugh. That is good.
Then, he shows me what I should do when in a pickle and trying to get away from someone who would probably return me, we practice that for a bit.
So, we move into the kitchen. He is a hoot, I tell ya! There is a magnet on the refridgator. It is about donating blood. He said:
"Someone just needed blood."
"And, someone needed blood, now."
"someone right now" I added.
"Someone needed blood right now" he replied.
"Someone needed blood really bad now." I said.
"Someone just was in a wreak, and is bleeding badly." he said.
"Who is going to give it?" I asked.
"Not me." he answered. lol...
That is funny because we were chanting it every two seconds...and he ended it with not me. See he has this condition that he can't be around needles. Or he passes out. That isn't good.
When we went to Vegas, I talked him into getting a tattoo...poor baby didn't even get 1/4 of the outline and passed out twice.
Anyway...he makes me laugh.
Holy is 10...I gotta see if I won 165 million!

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EE said...

LOL! I love your husband!!