Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Holy Moly!
I am finished with writing the 48-53 pages of stuff that I do in my classroom! I am done! I am finished! I am done and finished! Woo-Hoo! I can't believe it! And, I am sure that my husband can't believe it also!

So, it is spring break, and I have been writing like a mad dog, I have had broncitus...however you spell it, I slept for about 36 hours strait! I bought new beads to make a necklace for me and for Kim, I have picked up my son from his dad's, Wolly Booger had his nuts cut...spade I think it is called or neutered. Who knows. But, most of all...all I have to do is Mail this huge piece of writing that I have ever done for one thing ever!

Oh, I thought I lost my phone in Hobby Lobby, then I met Kim at school. It was spooky...and really dark. She was laughing at me. We started talking about scary stuff. And, I think that I might sleep with the lights on. And, I think that I scared her telling her about the tree people that people who are tweeking see. Not that I am a tweeker...I am not! Never have been, but I know people who have, and they have scarey stories to tell. Yikes.

And, I made Bishop cry today. We were talking about Christians, and the truth about Christians and non-Christians. To put a long story short, he is upset that his dad isn't a Christian. Then I asked about his pets at his dad's, and brought up the one that died. Opps. I forgot about that. Bishop cried even more. It broke my heart. I called Jason to see if he would have words of wisdom to share with Bishop. He said no...that he wouldn't baby Bishop. I forgot that it is a mother's job to baby the son... And, I am sick and all I want to do is crawl underneath a rock, and keep my big mouth shut, and cry. How did you like that huge run on sentence? Cause sometimes when the truth comes out of my mouth, it isn't candy coated. And, I had upset both my son and my husband. By the end of the night, both had gotten over it.

Which my daughter's grandmother, who is spiritually sick...babies her brother...and makes her get up, when her brother is the one that needs to get up and be proactive and she lets him sleep all day. What is up with that? Plus, he just got a 100 lb. dog! I just have to shake my head on that one.

So, that brings open the lines of communication with my daughter that men baby their daughters, and women baby their sons...or grandsons...And, she didn't quite understand. I think she thought that was stupid. However, who is the one that got TWO stereos for Christmas because she didn't lock her door...? Exactly, mother's and their son's...and daddddy's and their daughter's. It happens all the time. Happens to families around us all...happened with me and my brother. It isn't right, wrong, good or just is. That's all.

Which brings me to this...Jason ran into his previous step son who is...just is. And, he was telling Jason where we live, and what kind of house we live in. Because I TOLD HIM? Whatever, he is a liar pants. Why would he call for Hope, and I decide to talk about my house with him? He knows what my house looks like on the outside because we believe that he is the one that stole the stereo. Thanks. I hope he got more than 20 for it.

The neighbor across the street was excited earlier today because he is getting married. Then, tonight Jason went to tell him congrats. And, the wedding is now called off. He is wierd. Not really weird...but God's work in progress.

And, nothing better to end the week with...I get to go shopping! Yeah! And, I am sorry that I haven't been writing much lately. I have been all consumed with this huge paper I have been writing, and when I am not on the computer, Jason has been. And, we are just very busy. Busy enough that I have typed this all in a matter of really fast, cause my sick BootA needs to go to bed. Good Night!

psst... I am done! I am finished! Good night.

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