Thursday, March 29, 2007

This is my precious baby boy. He is playing basketball. I sure do love him.

So, I should be asleep. However, the cough medicine my doc. gave me keeps me up. That's nice. On Monday night, it put me to sleep. Well, tonight it has the opposite affect.

I have been Ebaying lately. I bought a mp3 player. Love it. My son wants one now. I think I might have to buy him one. I bought more fiesta ware, rose cereal bowls.

And, last week, there was a 50% off sale on fiesta ware at Kohls. I bought a couple of platters, and 9 tangerine fruit bowls. Stocking up on fabulous dishes after being married to a man that I didn't like, and being single quite pricey. I remember being mad at my ex, and throwing a dish down on the kitchen floor. You know, that is what you are supposed to do. Right? Wrong, I remember thinking that was the dumbest thing that I had ever done.

I just got a myspace acct. I was trying to check on my son and my daughter to see if I could get anything juicy. I didn't, and couldn't find either one of them. I think that I did find a old junior high buddy. That is cool.

On Monday, I downloaded a bunch of songs from CD's to put on my MP3 player, and discovered that I need one with a bunch more GB and pink. Hint, hint. My B-day is in a couple of will be 35.
35, 35, 35...

I will be 35 with a fabulous husband, a wonderful 10 year old son, two children that are almost in their 20's, a grandson, yes, a grandson, 2 fantastic dogs, 1 cat, wonderful family...and 35.

I never pictured life at 35 when younger. That seems old. I know that I am old when being up this late will kick my BootA for the next couple of days.

I visited with a good buddy...KM. KM and I detested each other when in HS. She told everyone that I had CRABS...and I didn't. Now that we are older, I have forgiven her. And, I was telling her that I am a grandparent. And, that I feel like I shouldn't be because I haven't gone through menopause...She laughed and added that a great name for me now is "Shugggssss, short for sugar." lol...I am the furtherest thing from sugar than she knows. lol...I am more like the candy...lemon drops, it is sour until you melt off the outside. lol...Not really, it is sour all the way through. Just kidding.

I am more like my Chewy. He is very particular about everything, doesn't like unruly kids, and his bark is much louder and meanier than his bite. He never bites. And, he loves his sleep. Loves it.

Jason is more like Wolly Booger. All soft and cuddly, definately a morning person. Not me. And, he just loves to be loved. That is good for me. By the way he is honery, if you didn't know that. I sure am blessed to be married to such a wonderful man.

Well, I think I can sleep now. And, now that I am finished writing that LONG paper, I might have time to share more...might.

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EE said...

My birthday is coming up, and I am wanting my mom to buy me some Fiesta Ware. I didn't know that you could get it at that store!!!