Sunday, February 11, 2007

So, it has been a week, a full week, a long week, a busy week.
Monday, Jason had work, then school. I made my girlfriend a necklace for 40 bucks.
Tuesday, I worked until 7:30. And, that day I started my Geometry unit. That has to be my favorite time of year!
Wednesday, I had an investment meeting, and boy was I tired of being at work late.
Thursday, Jason and I went to eat at a local resturant, and then I wrote bills.
Friday, Bishop had a friend spend the night. This friend is hysterical! So, we are on our way to taking both boys to his house. We run in a EZ mart to get something to drink. Jason opens the door for me, and Bishop cuts in front of me. I gently reminded him that ladies go first. We are leaving the store, and Jason opens the door for me. I said "Thank you." Bishop's friend said "I sure do wish I had a butler or a maid. I would give them like 5 cents a week!" lol...
Then, we are driving on our way out to his house, and he said something else that was funny...but, my memory is bad.
Last night, we went to a Japenese Steakhouse. It was delicious. We ended up sitting with one of my students, and his family. That was fun.
That made twice now in one week, that I have seen a student outside of school, in a social setting.
Jason has a friend that came over to watch the Super Bowl with his family. His daughter is one of my students. That was kind of awkard, at first. I am a little more relaxed at home than when I am at school.
That is it for now. I am looking for a suede coat for sale!

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