Sunday, February 04, 2007

(I have been hearing "Ho nofera level..." all week after things that I have heard, of done. ex...)

This week has been filled with nothing but ill people in my house. Jason had the stomach virus and took it to a ho nofera level. I have never seen him that sick.

Bishop stayed home on Wednesday when he was running a 100 degree fever...he had what Jason and I had, and took it to a ho nofera level. Jason stayed home that day also.

Thursday was a snow day, and I cleaned my room, the spare room, and moved Bishop's room. Bishop's old room was nasty! He took it to a ho nofera level.

Friday, I had what Jason had. However, I didn't have it as bad as Jason did. Get this...Bishop had it yesterday, and had the runs 5 times, slept for 4 hours, and was FINE. Not that I would want him to have it worse or something, but why couldn't I have it that good?

My daughter had her wisdom teeth taken out on Friday. Before she went, she was hell on wheels. That is fun.

My son turned 10 yesterday...he is a doll. I love my son. He is growing up. Well, I am going to eat to you later.

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