Saturday, December 16, 2006

Two very important things:
A) I am not a kneeder...No, I didn't mispell it. I didn't say that I am not needy...I am just not a kneeder.
So, I am spending the day baking for when my mom, Jerry, and brother get here. I have baked pumpkin bread. And, I started on the maple nut bread. I know now to stay away from any recipe that says "ADD YEAST." I don't need anymore yeast...That is short for kneed. I am putting together this recipe, and I know now why not to use wax paper when kneeding...the congieled yeast will stick to it, eventually break into pieces. And, the end result will be that you can't find the wax paper in the dough. Throw it away at that point.

B) Apparently, my husband and I are "Holy Rollers," now. I am far from that. lol...if you knew where I came from you would agree. lol... So, we went to my staff party. And, my best girlfriend there said "Even Jesus drank wine." I looked at her like what? She offered me some wine. I replied "No, you don't want me to have some wine." Another person said "I sure would like to see her drink." "No, you wouldn't." "I bet that there are some STORIES about ya." "yes, there are, and K knows them." My funny as heck husband said "She gets drunk, chases cars and barks." "No, I don't! I flash people." he said "Oh yeah, I am the one that gets drunk, chases cars and barks." lol... Later that night, one of the husbands said "She's a royal b*&^$. I am sorry, I know you are all religious and all." lol....Yes, we go to church. Yes, we don't drink. And, yes, if I did drink I would flash people! Being almost wouldn't be as neat as when I was you know about 20. I have enough stories without drinking. lol... (like, I ran into the screen last night, and broke it. I screamed "Oh my God, I just ran into the screen, and I broke it!" I don't need to drink to run into a screen...I do just fine without I have fun with them. :)

Well, a batch of cookies awaits my baking!

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