Thursday, December 21, 2006

So, it is apparent when my family and I are busting our balls to the walls.
We have been terribly busy!
School is out! I have a sinus infection, and the best news of all: I have crossed the line into old person mode. Yes, ladies and gents, my body tells me to get up between 6 and 7 EVERY morning. And, my husband...has reverted back to my old ways. He could sleep all day, and all night. Isn't that special.
Wow, I haven't remembered the church lady in a long time. Being of an older than I thought I ever would be age...I love the SNL's between the years of The Church Lady, Wayne's World, and Will Ferrell. I love Will. He is hysterical! Funny! I bought Talledga Nights. The first time I saw it...I wasn't feeling well. I was really sick, and took some medicine, that I have decided not to ever take again. So, I missed a lot of the movie. I went and saw it again, and loved it even more!
Jason is taking off tomorrow for a week and a half! Woo-Hoo! We get to goto Kansas City next weekend! Cheesecake Factory, here we come! I can't wait! I can't wait to spend a care free weekend as a couple. We desperately need that!
Tomorrow, we are going to pick up our new puppy dog! It is a miniture Schnouzer...He is 6 weeks old, and is about half of Chewy's size. We are going to wait a few days to name him. However, we like Chaos, Mischief, Neo, and Wooly Booger.
Let's see...poor ole Hope has had a terrible week. Her stereo that we bought for her for Christmas has been stolen. It was a professional job...nothing was torn up. :( She is getting a new one put in, again. She is still working, and is saving money. :) She has come along way, baby. I am proud of her doing what every teenager does. (I am wanting to stay a little nieve.)
Josh... he needs some prayers to find the sunlight of the Spirit. He is picking the road traveled by some. He has a hard head. He is apparently going to have to learn life lessons the hard way. :( If I could only wave a magic wand...I can't. Still, everything is never his fault, EVER. And, his girlfriend is just like him. Get this: She was over the other night...She said her mother got a DWI, but it wasn't her fault! What happened did Samatha twinkle her nose, and see accidently got behind the wheel of a car, started it, put it in reverse, then put it in drive? That is a classic reason that they are together. I worry about him. He is definitaly of the age where nothing will ever happen to him.
I really hate that he and I haven't had a chance to have a relationship like Hope and I. She is very funny. She reminds me of me: Bossy, Loud, and a Princess. Don't get me wrong, sometimes we collide becasue of it. However, she is a great allie to have. And, visa versa. To her, I am Natasha. To Josh, I am the woman that is married to his dad. I hope that one day, that he and I have a neat relationship like Hope and I do. She helped talk Jason into getting me/maybe the family (LOL) my new puppy before the Spring.
Bishop is pre-teen more than ever! He is driving me nuts. I am glad though that he is a boy. Boys are easier to have than girls. I think that every mom that has both agrees. He is completely starting to not want to do what we ask. He wants it explained to him why he has to do it. And, it takes several tries for him to do so while he grips the whole time. Then, he bounces around in my face nonstop. And, anyone who knows me well, knows that I don't like people in my face for more than about 3 seconds. lol...He is a good kid though. I sure do love all my kids. They are each individual creatures from God. :)

Well, I think I might go cook breakfast for my family.

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