Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rain, Rain...go away...Bring some snow my way!
I sure could use a day off. Couldn't you?

So, I have been trying to post pictures. And, now it is saying access denied. :( Sometimes, I am tired of my computer. Wait...I think that I did it! I am a dork!

Here is a picture of my husband...I love him...he is a dork just like me!

And, a picture of our furniture...Don't you love it?

And, one of Valentine hugging me!

Oh yeah, this is the kind of dog that my husband won't buy me! He is such a sally sometimes...what do you think? He said the deal was that I could have as many cats as I wanted. However, I am now ALLERGIC to them. lol...loop holes, who can't find them?


Valentine said...

I think I've got my feelers hurt. Here are your priorities:
1: Dog
2: Husband
3: Furniture
4: The hug you've been waiting on for YEARS.....

And I think Jason should have his feelers hurt, too..... but if you were here, I'd still hug you again!!!! LOL

imaeskimo said...

I really don't know how to order the pictures...really, I just put them on to publish, and sometimes it puts them in a different order.