Friday, October 06, 2006

Teaching is my passion...I love the kids, the age group, the material. I can't imagine doing anything else! However, in recent school news, it is scarey. It is scarey to think that some of those people in those schools, thought that it was safe there.

Today, we had a practice lock down. I almost feel like crying. It is sad that this is just another proceedure as a fire dril. And, then I remembered when teaching in Texarkana, we had a REAL lock down. Every one was quiet. We were all hiding in the dark. My heart was pounding, and kids were crying quietly. I got up and sat close to the door. One sweet little girl said "You can't move by the door." "Yes, that is my job." I replied. "But, you have a son." She whispered. I answered "But, I am older, and I have lead a good life. I have no regrets, and it is my job." I was choking up on the inside. Girls still crying softly, and aside from that you could hear a pin drop. When it was all over, it was quiet the rest of the day, at least in my heart it was.

My kids might drive me nuts. They might love to chat. They might not bring their homework. I hope though, that they will never experience a REAL lock down.

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