Monday, October 09, 2006

Let's see, over the weekend...Jason took me on a date! :) My aren't I lucky? And, we went to church, went to eat with his parents, and went to The Promanede...It is a magnificant shopping place new to our area. It is like a little city! And, at night it reminds me of movies, the romantic ones with snow falling, people shopping, and happy. :) So, there we were holding hands going down the street, looking at all the shops for young hip people; not, older, teacher like people. lol...I did like Christopher & Banks. (psst...if you ever want to buy me something, get me a gift certificate from that store.) I tried on great jackets, and pants for people 7 feet tall. And, I am not tall, so I went to JCPenny for pants. lol. Just call me "inch-high, private eye!"

This weekend, we are taking my son to a bond fire, and tell spooky stories! Yikes, how did I get into that? I am already scared. Then, Saturday night, we are all going skating! I love watching my to boys skate! (You should show up and watch Jason skate! You will see the best moments of your life! He used to be a rink rat.)

Well, that is it for now. Have a Terrific Tuesday, tomorrow!

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