Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Back to the Clothing Committee...
Today, we went to pick stuff out. Oh dear, all the choices! We were there about 45 minutes! And, we really didn't have too many to choose from...Do we want all cotton? Do we want a cotton blend? What about a fleece vest? Women's or Unisex? Wow...I didn't know there was this much with which to choose! I chose a cheerleading/sportsy vest jacket. And, it is going to be cute on!
Let's see...Taught histograms today. Woo-Hoo, I am glad that that end is tomorrow! Cause, Friday we are going to name my spider on the ceiling...make a bar graph, and turn it into a circle graph! I love that lesson.
I am about to order Proactive. I was really pumped about not having bad acne as a teen. I grossly misunderstood adult acne. I sometimes feel like the spider on my ceiling...8 eyes. I have visited with several others, and they said Proactive is great. I told Jason how much it is going to cost. He said "wow, I guess that is alright because you aren't paying 60 bucks for a haircut, now." I will have to let you know how it works.
Hope is still working at the Theatre...I think that she loves it. She gets to drive in about 2 weeks, and by herself.
Bishop still have straight A's. Woo-Hoo!
Jason is moving up in the world...he is wearing slacks to work. He just told me "I have crossed that imaginary line. When I walk by some people, they won't even look at me. I am messing around, and he can't I won't look at him, as if I were their boss or something..." I love my husband.
Josh? Who knows how he is doing... :( Keep him in your prayers.
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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