Friday, September 15, 2006

This is heavy on my heart after visiting with a fellow co-worker.
Letting kids, even ones my age, grow up. Sure, I am not always happy with choices my kids have made. Even decisions they have made with their significant others. And, I know that my parents weren't thrilled with my decisions either. I know that my decisions brought me plenty of heart ache. And, I know that my kids will experience heart ache as well. One thing, that I don't want ever want to do is create a boundry of communication between us. That would be bad. I don't ever want my kids to feel like they have to make a decision between me and the one that they love. All I can do is pray, pray, pray, and trust, trust, trust. And, if there is ever an opportunity to share my opinion, do it out of love.
I love my kids, and no, not always do I love their decisions. A good friend once shared with me...look for the "God Spot" in others, and you will find it. My husband is wonderful. He is working on his undergraduate degree, and I am proud of him. If I had shunned him because he didn't necessarily have the experiences that I have been granted, I would have missed out on the blissful marriage with my best friend. Yes, it drives me nuts that he used to say "I seen something." However, he is a very good man. He is a wonderful Christian man with outstanding morals. I am grateful that my parents stood by my side through most of my horrible choices in significant others. Because, for the most part...they let me "grow up," and see life for what it is...I have no regrets. However, it did hurt my feelings that my dad and Carolyn said that if my marriage with Jason didn't work out...they would choose him over :( It just goes to show you that with God as my director...I am blessed beyond belief. :) I hope that I can let my kids grow up, and remember that God doesn't have any grandchildren.
May Hope, Josh and Bishop find Christ though lifes experiences whether it be painful or Emphasis on the NOT.

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