Friday, September 15, 2006

Can of worms...
Ever open up a can of worms? I have...with my husband. Now, keep in mind that I love him dearly, and that he is my best friend. Also, remember, that my father is an English professor, and he corrected my English every time I opened up my mouth. So, my hillbilly husband didn't have the great pleasure as I did...growing up with my dad in his anal years.
Jason said "I SEEN....this....I SEEN that..." I SEEN the light! That just really drives me nuts. So, I have commented "You SEEN what?" He says "saw" now. lol...But, the can of worms is...I know my 7th grade Math...fractions, decimals, percents, basic geometry, etc. I know that you can't say I seen something. Well, I am a dork, and I love playing Math games all day long. What number am I? Last night, I am about alseep which is a miricale for people who know me. Jason gets home from class and starts on his annalitical how do I say this? Or why is it this? I don't know, I teach 7th grade Math.

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