Saturday, September 16, 2006

I used to never watch the News...I was more content not knowing what was going on in the world. Now there are plenty of things to worry about, if I let it. Global warming...I turn on my computer and there is an article about polar bears dying. Terror threats...what color are we now? What color do I need to know when things are really heightened? (Not that on my street something like that will happen. Sure, the neighbors rooster might cooka-doodle-do...Or, they might decide to eat their PIG. Or my neighbor might get wasted, and have wild parties. Or, I might get woken up at night because the other neighbors might have a little some latino music really loud) Or how about the news that I watched the other morning that they want to extend our year? lol...I am not for that. What about gas prices going up again?

The news that I am most worried about is I didn't help Bishop sell his stuff. He wanted to sell 25 items, and we haven't sold a thing. Grand prize...or at least sell 25 was a ride in a Hummer limo. Opps. I hate it when his school wants to sell stuff. I would much rather donate than get stinky frozen cookie dough. Wouldn't you? My mom makes better cookies, and heck she is a better seemstress than she is a

Well, I gave him the news...before we went to the fair. He soon forgot about it. After riding tons of rides that would make my body hurt, or make me sick, he had a great day. He even played a game where he would have gotten a better toy for $5. Ohhhh, the fair isn't as fun as it used to be.

I remember going to the fair...20 years ago. Rides were cheaper then, and 20 bucks went a lot further. I remember wearing a pair of blue jeans, and a yellow cotton jacket. Hmmm...

Jason leaves in the morning. I am thrilled that he gets to go. He bought new clothes for the trip. You should have seen him pack. It was cute. I think that he folded clothes three times to get it just right. I love him. He sure is cute when he gets anal like that. He changed suit cases also. Then he refolded his clothes again. lol. That is where we would be different...I would just pack it once. Although, I would probably pack more than he did...cause you never know...I might not like what I brought to wear. :)

Please pray for his safe trip. I need him home safely. Who else would I play endless hours of Yatzee with?

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