Sunday, March 15, 2009

So, the first week has come and gone. Day 1-hated it...was ready to go back to NWA. Bishop felt the same way. Day 2- it was better...Bishop thought it was better as well. By the end of the week, Bishop loved it, and I can learn to love it. It isn't bad, the team with which I work is FABULOUS...but, it is a different kind of student. They are all sweet kids individually, put them together, it could be a recipe for disaster.

Bishop was invited to be in Jazz band, and is pumped.

We went to Charlotte, and went to some huge mall. It was fun. Drove by the Lowe's Motor speedway. HUGE. It looked like a cool place to go, even just ONCE. Then, I remembered how I don't like looking for parking places in large crowds, and changed my mind.

My whole family had the stomach virus last week. Bishop had it first, then Jason, I thought "yes, free and clear!" Wrong. It was bad. Not as bad as fh had it, but still not fun.

Found a good reasonable itailan restaurant to go to. Will have to take family there, when they come and visit, mom. :) (you should stay like a month, and we will find cool stuff to do each weekend.)

Still praying that my house sells, and that we won't have a dry, dry winter feeling financially insecure. Talk about praying, we went to Church this morning. We went to Central was good. Learned a lot from Sunday School. Think we will go back soon, like next Sunday.

Well, I am off to go exercise. Since I have had a stress fracture...I have gotten quite fluffy. My muffin top...has risen.

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EE said...

I hope your house sells soon, too. At least this gives you time to decide where you really want to live, as opposed to jumping right in a buying a house.

I have a fluffy muffin top, too:(
I'd give anything to have my 20 year old body back:o