Monday, March 30, 2009

My son is driving me nuts. He always asks why when we tell him no. He thinks he knows everything, and is grumplestilskin when he doesn't get what he wants. Yeah, I said grumplestilskin. I can't stand this age. No wonder why, it is okay to let kids go when they turn 18. lol...Okay, I might be a stalker mom still. We will see.
All he wants is this and that. This week it is another airsoft gun. Whatever, we live in a small apartment for the time being. We will start looking for a house soon.
My job isn't what I came from, and that isn't bad, or good. It is just different.
Well, I am about to take my dogs outside. TTYL.

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EE said...

"grumplestilskin"... I'm going to have to steal that word!
I had one of those this week. He was sent to his room with no tv last night...ugh.