Sunday, September 21, 2008

Since then...
I had "Souper Sunday" where I had a few of my friends here. Blast.
It was Maria's B-Day, and I made a cheesy CD filled with songs that I have sang...Everything has a song that goes with it.
ie. I was so sick that I slept all night long (snap)...all night(snap)...all night(snap).
It is cold in here...cold as Ice...up in here, up in here.
So, people that grew up in the 80's understand. Big C (FH) and I sing all the time like this.

I have bonded with people in my math class...they miss me when I am gone, share with me tid bits of their is nice to be somewhere where I am not a mother, teacher, wife, I can be a student.

And, school is going well. Each year brings new challenges, new beginnings, and I love it.

OPC has decided that he wants to go into the Air Force Academy. Ambitious for a 6th grader. He is a dedicated student. He has a goal, and he is sticking by it. We shared with him that it is easier for him to make better discions now, instead of trying to make them all when he is older. We will see. I hope that he isn't putting too much pressure on himself, and will fall off the wagon, and stay there.

The grandbaby looks just like Big C. Scarey I know. lol...he is doing well.

Still waiting to find out about National Board Certification.

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Megan said...

Who has a grand baby?