Thursday, September 04, 2008

My cover is blown...
Golden boy asked me what I do..."I am a teacher." "math"
He looked at me and said "Then why are you taking this class?"
"To refresh my math skills for National Board Certification."
I did score perfect on the quiz. Who cares? I teach 7th grade math. lol...
Not as impressive as if I scored perfect on a Calculas quiz, huh?
Let's see me score perfect on a fine arts art quiz...can't do it.
Or how about Geography? That would be no.
Math geek, math geek, math geek, that is what I am, I have been, what I always will be.


EE said...

I wish I was a math geek!
Congrats on the quiz grade!

Megan said...

Where have you been??! I haven't seen you around cyber world for a while. Hope everything is OK.