Saturday, August 09, 2008

We got back from our trip to DC and VA...

On the way there, the boys put up a sign in the van:

Honk if you...Farted
We had about 10 people honk. Most of them were women.

Then one fine lunch, while I was not at the table...
Bishop said very politely
"Ma'am, may I ask you a question?"
"Do women fart or puff?"
When I got back to the table, he wasn't smiling...I don't think that he will do that again. Boys, boys, boys.

Then, we were watching youtube. I had looked up Ghosts. Everyone was sitting close to me. I clicked on one. There was no sound. I turned up the sound as the rocking chair started to move. Then, the scarey witch lady booed me. I must have jumped up about 5 feet, with my hands in the air, screaming bloody murder, and stepped on Jeren's foot. They thought it was funny.

The trip was good.

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EE said...

Fart or pufff.... I love it!!!
I'm youtubing that ghost right now. I love to scare my kids!!!