Sunday, January 13, 2008

Well, FH or Big C or JW, whatever you want to call him, is at a Basketball game with his dad. I bet he is having fun. He needs to do something like that. It is an outlet for him since he is going to school full time and working full time. :)

I get to be in a Bunco group! We start Wednesday! I am very excited about that. That will be my outlet.

I have started eating healthy. I eat a well balanced diet that is low calorie and low in fat. I drink tons of water...I have lost 5 pounds. That is about 3% body weight. :) It can be painful to drink that much water and eat this much...but, I move on. I can't wait to fit into pants that I haven't in quite a while.

Hope is due June 4th. I am glad that she is happy. I think that being an adult is a big growing experience for her. She has had a taste of what it is like to be totally financially responsible. Yikes!

Josh and his wife are really struggling. I think that they will end the marriage. Most of what I have heard is that she is not as committed to the relationship. And, at the times that others around me have been not rational about it...I say "She is 17. What do you really expect?" I know that at 17 I wasn't ready to dive into real life. Why would anyone? Kids these days have a different mentality. Not good, not bad, not right or wrong...just different. And, trying to grow up that fast is quite challenging.

Bishop is loving Basketball. He loves to practice. I am hoping that with his love for it, and his good grades one day he will get a scholarship to help pay for college. He is such a boy. I love it! He loves his mama, and I love that!

School is going well. No parents, yet, want to beat me up. That is a bonus. I am really enjoying the year. :)

Well, I hope that God blesses you this coming up week.

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greengirlwannabe said...

you go girl! i am so proud of you for losing 5 lbs! i wish i could do the same! i need to lose about 10-15 lbs! i am heavier than i have ever been. but, i have finally quit smoking and you know that always makes you gain weight! keep up the great work, N!