Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Time: Yesterday lunch. Maybe I shouldn't go pick up Bishop because the weather is going to get bad tonight. I don't want to cross the long bridges if they are covered in ice.

Shortly after lunch. Well, after looking at the weather all day, I think that if I leave at 3, meet at 4:30, I will get back before 6:15...it wan't be bad by then. (For NWA)

About 2:40...I just talked to Matthew, and he can get Bishop there about 4:30. Perfect. I will get home in time for dinner.

4:00...This isn't good, the river valley is already at 32 degrees. I can make it.

4:30...depart Clarksville with a full tank of gas and Bishop. Bishop let's pray for a safe trip home. He prays the best safe return prayer home.

5:10...Bishop are you hungry. Are you sure? Okay double cheeseburger and fries it is...for both of us. I am kind of hungry also.

5:20...depart Alma. Oh that isn't good, see that truck it slid on ice, and hit that railing. Please God let us make it home safely.

5:30...we are at a stand still, about a thousand of us. I wonder what happened. And, it is 30 degrees, not good cause it is still raining.

7:00. Traffic moves, I am still about 15 miles from tunnel. We slowly go through the tunnel. There had been a 5 car pile up.

7:30...not even a mile out of the tunnel on one of the long high bridges, we stop again. I get out of my car, and the bridge has complete black ice on it.

9:45...still haven't moved. Bishop said this was fun 4 hours ago, not now.

10:45...we finally start moving more than the 30 yards since 7:30.

12:15...we make it to Greenbrier. I call Jason, tell him 1:00 maybe.

1:00...we are finally in our driveway. I should have been home by 6:30, at the latest. We are beat, we are tired. My eyes looked like I had been doing a lot of good drugs. Bishop was a trooper; aside from 30 minutes, he stayed up with me the whole way to make sure I didn't go to sleep. :)

Lesson learned...Even if your region says not until 6...remember that doesn't include the other regions...if you have to question whether or not to go...don't...it is better for Bishop to miss a day of school or two...and always have your child pray the safe trip home prayer. It works.


EE said...

That totally sucks! So glad you made it home safely!

EE said...

Where are you? Everything ok?