Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tonight, 9:40 p.m....
I am sitting down for the first time today...did 2 1/2 miles. I decided to take Wooly Booger with me. He decided to take a big dump in the middle of the road. Nice. Afterward, I decided to go with my step-daughter to eat TACO_BELL. Yes, I said TB. So, I might not be loosing weight this week after all.

I get home, and check my email. It was junk. I went to my blog...and checked out EE's. She had a funny one about her 4th of July. I went back to mine, and watched Eugene again. Laughed, again. Then up in the corner it says "next blog." I went to about 15, and most of them were in different languages. Some of them were about home repair. Interesting. I stopped at the one that said something like pretty ladies. I proceeded to look down, and with shock it was women in thongs. I decided to stop there. No I didn' thought "I wonder how many people have viewed their blog?" I went to view profile...I guess in all the time, quite a few months, that they have been posting pretty butts...only 27 have viewed theirs. I bet it was the owner of the blog that was checking out what he fanticized about. lol...I then felt better about my not so popular blog.

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EE said...

I have found a couple of really good blogs using the "next" button.
What's up with the blogs with all the little boxes? I've always wondered about those.