Sunday, July 15, 2007

Holy Moly! Do you see how big I look? Anywho, this is Big L. and me at PFChangs.

So, I bought a scale today, and I have lost about 5 lbs...I am rounding up, but not going to tell you by how
I have at least 10 to go, and would love to loose 15. We will see how well I stay motivated. Although, I don't think that at this juncture, I will quit now. Because, did you see how big my Big Bird body is compared to L.? I thought you did. It isn't healthy to be this big. Maybe if I were 7 feet tall! Anyway, health reasons to loose weight, my heart doesnt' have to work as hard, my back won't always be out of whack, and my pockets won't be as empty 'cause I won't have to buy more pants. lol...

I just got of the phone with a girlfriend. She and her fiance aren't doing too hot. She was asking for direction...All I could share with her is that FH and I have disagreements. However, both of us put forth effort in our relationship so that at the end of the day we are best-friends. And, if that isn't happening, what is the point? I am sure that you can tell when FH and I are going through a tough time, and life always doesn't go my way or his either. I can't express how important it is to me, that we both put forth effort. Yes, we say nasty things to eachother. Yes, there are days that I can't believe that he made that decision. For better or for worse is what I agreed to do...and Praise Jesus...the majority of the time it is for better.
She was commenting how both of us laugh at our relationship in the context that we aren't taking eachother so seriously ALL the time. I said that when s*#@ hits the fan, it isn't funny then...but, how nice it is that we laugh about it now. I guess to put a long story short...We are all human, and most of the time when I feel inadequate is when I don't think that anyone ever feels the way I feel or has gone through growing experiences that I have. However, I know that we all have. And, I don't mind sharing with others that through growing pains all is greener on the other side of them. :)

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